Mike Steven

Mike Steven
Mike Steven aka Le Flanneur aka Fockus Ent. aka Mike Steveeeeeeeee

Mike Steven is probably the hardest working…but yet best promoter that has ever done it in Montreal considering his relationship to urban music.  His week starts off with “OASIS” held every Wednesdayz at “Salon Daome” where the best house is being played with resident DJ Don Barbarino and guests.  The day after, he is pushing the famous “Re Birth Of Cool” happening at the “W” Hotel with resident DJ’s Kelly Nunes and Special K behind the wheels of steels.
Fridayz are back with the real hiphop playing at “En Cachette” with DJ Raz and Godfather D for the “Behind Closed Doors” mix sessions.  Mike was also responsible for the very successful but now dysfunctional “Saturday Night Soul” that was attracting many at “Le Piano Rouge” with DJ Godfather D and guests.  Believe it or not, there’s more to the list of parties that this man is involved with…when those he ever sleeps?  The most important thing is that Mike never jeopardized his vibe from one event to another and that’s because of the love he has for “Dope Soundz”.