Soul P.

Soul P.
Soul P aka Papat aka Soul Player aka P-Douuuuuuuce

Soul P started his reputation as a DJ back in the days hosting the craziest house parties held in Montreal.  He acted as a “Pusher” providing the best “Dope Soundz” muzik to his addicted followers. This of course led to more guest appearances at parties, residencies at clubs such as “Kunta” with Don Barbarino and the legendary DJ Tony Desypris.  As things were progressing, Soul P turned his personal life around and now decided to attack Miami like Mr Montana did in “Scarface”.  He was part of a crew called “Dolce” and together organized many parties at different venues. On a solo tip, he inked a residency that was held at a restaurant/lounge called “Mai Tardi” located in the Miami Design District.  Now closed, you can find Soul P putting in work at Segafredo located in South Beach.  That’s if he’s not playing in Montreal or back to his roots…in Haiti.  Now part of the the 5 Starz crew, Soul P is now rising to the challenge of putting his own “Dope Soundz” out and make new customers.  WARNING…those soundz may cause addiction.